Evolutionary Ecology

Organisms adapt to shifting conditions. Historical and recent fluctuations in environmental and biotic conditions shape current adaptations and provide baseline for the ability to adapt to current anthropogenic modifications.

Research in the Division of Evolutionary Ecology examines how ecological factors affects evolutionary change, and how evolutionary patterns are linked to ecological processes. Specifically, we study how reproductive biology and life histories evolve within and among species, how they respond to environmental change, and how organismal form coevolves with the function. The typical research topics include:

  • evolution of life histories and ageing;
  • sexual selection, evolution of mating systems and reproductive behaviour;
  • brood parasitism in avian and fish study systems;
  • coevolution of predator-prey and host-parasite interactions;
  • migration and dispersal biology;
  • thermal physiology and individual energetics;
  • functional approaches to morphological adaptations.

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