General Ecology

As a result of environmental and socio-economic changes as well as advancing globalization, new ecological challenges emerge.

Probably the most important among them are newly emerging infectious diseases, changes in landscape structure and freshwaters, or climatic changes. The aim of research in the Division of Ecology is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive study of ecological interactions among vertebrates and their environment, which includes both environmental and socio-economic drivers. The typical research topics focus on:

  • functioning of ecosystems (especially in agricultural landscape);
  • community structure and its changes;
  • diseases ecology including biology of vectors and eco-epidemiology of zoonoses;
  • implementation of the ‘One health’ concept for the study of emerging pathogens;
  • foraging/feeding activity including food structure;
  • habitat preferences;
  • conservation ecology of endangered species;
  • ecology of hibernation.

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