Zoonotic and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Group

General Ecology

The main mission of the Zoonotic and Emerging Infectious Diseases Group is to contribute to surveillance and eco-epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases in a changing environment. Discovering new pathogens in wild vertebrates and quickly determining their pathogenic potential is a key element in reducing global health hazards. We aim to reveal the diversity of a broad spectrum of viral and bacterial agents with zoonotic potential (in their arthropod and vertebrate vectors/hosts) and to monitor the introduction and spread of new vectors and diseases in local ecosystems. From an application point of view, the data obtained serve as a basis for vector control strategies and preventive programs, and could provide an early warning response (in terms of predictive risk mapping) for possible forthcoming outbreaks of emerging zoonoses in Central Europe. We propagate the ‘One-Health’ concept through interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists (microbiologists, zoologists, vets, epidemiologists, etc.), local administrators and policy makers.

group leader

+420 519352961,, eco-epidemiology of microbial pathogens

full-time researcher

+420 519352961,, eco-epidemiology of microbial pathogens
+420 519352961,, ecology of arthropod vectors

research assistant, vector-borne infections, propagation of One-Health concept

post-doc, zoonotic helminths, vector biology

PhD student

+420 519352961,, molecular diagnostics of pathogens

undergraduate, molecular diagnostics of arboviruses, epidemiology of selected zoonoses