The Institute of Vertebrate Biology performs basic research of vertebrates with the following research topics:

  • Biological diversity at molecular, organismal and community level. Evolutionary relationship among populations and species, natural hybrid zones and speciation.
  • Population dynamics, changes and trends of the community structure in natural and disturbed habitats, including modelling and prognoses.
  • Physiological, behavioural, ecological and evolutionary mechanisms of the life histories of vertebrates with respect to their ontogenetic development. Reproductive strategies, survival rates, feeding behaviour, and inter- and intraspecific interactions.
  • Ectoparasites of higher vertebrates and their role as hosts, vectors and reservoirs of human and animal diseases in natural foci.

The aim of the investigations is to achieve original data about free-living vertebrates concerning their genetic, population and species diversity, phylogeny, population dynamics, interactions with environment, and association with human and animal microbial pathogens.