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Biodiversity, Evolutionary ecology, General ecology

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22. 12. 2020
An analysis of the songs of most of the world’s passerine birds reveals that the frequency at which birds sing mostly depends on body…
14. 8. 2020
The evolution of a new species is closely related to their ecology and behaviour, with choice of habitat (an area suitable for a living)…
16. 7. 2020
A new species of mammarenavirus, a mammalian virus from the arenavirus family, was discovered by a scientist from the Institute of Vertebrate Biology of…
25. 7. 2018
Stolen wilderness je nová osvětová kampaň je zaměřena na informování veřejnosti o nelegálním obchodu s ohroženými druhy.
29. August 202029. August 2020Akce již proběhla
8. February 20189. February 2018Akce již proběhla

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