Fish Ecology Research Group

General Ecology

The Fish Ecology Research Group studies various aspects of the biology and ecology of aquatic organisms (primarily fish) and their interactions with the aquatic environment, as well as aspects of fisheries and water management. The team’s research activities are focused on the evaluation of sampling methods, the study of natural fish reproduction and the ecological requirements of fish in different aquatic environments. We also use fish as a model group to answer general questions on the biology of invasions, especially the predictability of invasions and their impacts. We also address issues related to fish hybridisation and physiological investments in reproduction, immunity and metabolism. In relation to fish parasites, we study changes in parasite communities related to the introduction of non-native species, environmental fragmentation and pollution of aquatic ecosystems. The knowledge gained from this multidisciplinary approach contributes to a better understanding of biotic interactions within fish communities, such as competition, predation, hybridisation and parasitism, as well as environmental factors that affect such communities. The outputs of our applied research are used in the protection of species and the environment, optimisation of fisheries management for the needs of recreational fishing, water management interventions and biomanipulation and revitalisation measures.

group leader

+420 543422523,, fish ecology

full-time researcher

+420 543422515,, fish ecology, biological invasions
+420 543422522,, fish parasitology
+420 543422533,, fish ecology

grant funded researcher

+420 543422523,, ecology of fish, fish parasitology
+420 543422521,, fish and mammal ecology

research assistant

+420 543422521,, technician, project manager

post-doc, invasive fish species, fish ecology and parasitology

PhD student,, invasive fish species