Role of bacteriophages in the shaping of primate gut microbiome (2024–2026)

Číslo projektu 24-11859S
I. číslo G355
Období 1. 1. 2024 — 31. 12. 2026

Gut bacteriome includes hundreds of bacterial species that play a vital role in the host physiology and affect many factors associated with its fitness. Despite the knowledge on mechanisms shaping bacteriome composition and functions is gradually increasing, it is still far from complete. Probably the most considerable gap regards bacteriome interactions with their dominant predators, the bacteriophages. Using metagenome sequencing, we will conduct an indepth analyses of primate (including human) bacteriophages. Resulting data will provide pioneer insights into the structure, sources of variation and functions of bacteriophages in free-living and captive gorilla and chimpanzee populations. We will also interpret bacteriophage patterns (including bacteriome x bacteriophage interactions) in the gradient from various non-human primates to contemporary human populations differing in lifestyle and subsistence strategies (specifically BaAka hunter-gatherers, Bantu agriculturalists and a cohort living under industrial lifestyle).