Bird Ecology and Migration group

Evolutionary Ecology

In the Bird Ecology and Migration group we study a range of ecological topics aimed primarily at birds. Our main current research questions centre on avian migration, space use and demography of migratory populations. We link breeding and non-breeding areas, investigate patterns of migratory connectivity and assess the effects of climate and habitat use to understand seasonal interactions across annual cycles. To this end, we use individual-based tracking, stable isotopes and remote sensing data. Ultimately, by combining these findings with long-term reproduction and survival data, we model underlying demographic processes to understand the key drivers of population change. In addition, we undertake meta-analyses summarising essential ecological topics, promote the use of previously collected biological samples from researchers in different fields and develop new continental isotopic maps for animal tissue origin assignments.

group leader

+420 543422550,, behavioural ecology and migration of birds

grant funded researcher

+420 543422550,, behavioural ecology

PhD student, bird migration, bird communities


Jakub Hrouda: Migratory animals in urban environments: adaptations, limitations and implications for populations (BSc thesis).

Terézia Mikolášová: How do Czech Great Reed Warblers survive? Evaluation of two RAS projects including methodological recommendations (MSc thesis).

Klára Stýblová: Isotope niche dynamics of short- and long-distance migratory birds (BSc thesis).

Lukrécia Zemanová: Interspecific competition of birds on non-breeding grounds (BSc thesis).

David Caha: Non-breeding habitat selection in the Great Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) (MSc thesis)

Barbora Kadlecová: Movements within non-breeding grounds in terrestrial migratory birds (BSc thesis)

Petra Kaštánková: Fledging success and postfledging behaviour in common cuckoos (Cuculus canorus) fostered by two hosts (MSc thesis)

Emmanuel Okposio Osibeme: Wintering grounds of Eurasian Reed Warblers breeding in Central Asia, the Middle East and northern Europe (MSc thesis)

Boris Prudík: Delineation of the migratory divide in the Eurasian reed warbler in Europe (MSc thesis)

Tadeáš Serafin: Habitat specialization of migratory birds on wintering grounds: a meta-analysis of key predictors (BSc thesis)

Jaromíra Zálišová: Year-round specialists? Habitat niches of migratory birds on breeding and wintering grounds (BSc thesis)