Physiology of bat hibernation with respect to multistressor impacts (2017–2019)

Číslo projektu 17-20284S
I. číslo 316
Období 1. 1. 2017 — 31. 12. 2019

The capacity to enter hibernation and/or daily torpor is an adaptive physiological trait that enables survival of climatic extremes and food scarcity. Here we plan to investigate variation of organismal and cellular responses to multiple stressors in hibernating bats in relation to torpor-arousal patterns and the associated profound changes of body temperature and metabolism. We will quantify parameters of health and the microbiome of bats, identify pathogenic microorganisms and their factors of virulence and link pathogenic pressure and the cellular response to stressors with genomic variability. Using cutting-edge in vitro tools of tissue-derived bat cells, we will examine 1) detoxification during a simulated torpor-arousal cycle ; 2) innate immune responses; 3) oxidative stress differences for intra- a extra-cellular pathogens and 4) co-exposure to stressors as an immuno-toxicological disturbance. While the study of microorganisms reveals novel biotechnologically relevant molecules, understanding tissue responses at low temperatures may advance strategies in biomedicine.