European Reed Warbler populations across a migratory divide: insights into migration by analyses of DNA sequences, stable isotopes and ringing recoveries (2005–2007)

Číslo projektu KJB600930508
I. číslo 101
Období 1. 1. 2005 — 31. 12. 2007

Migratory divide is a zone of contact between two parapatric populations migrating in two disparate directions. Using three alternative approaches (molecular markers, stable isotopes and ringing recoveries) the project aims at (1) locating the position of the migratory divide in the Reed Warbler in Europe and at (2) identifying differences between individual populations across the migratory divide. Integral part of our investigations will also be study of gene flow, genetic variability and phylogeographic structure of European populations of the species. In addition, we plan to reconstruct the postglacial colonisation of Europe by the Reed Warbler. Results of the project will be not only of theoretical significance, but will also have conservational implications since population biological characteristics from differently sized populations on a wide geographical scale will be analysed.