Mgr. Natália Martínková, Ph.D.

Position: full-time researcher
Research topics: phylogeny and phylogeography
Department: External research facility Studenec
Phone: +420 560 590 605
Mobile: +420 606 124 586

Research interests

  • phylogenetics, reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships in vertebrates and pathogens,
  • modelling changes of DNA sequences in time,
  • evolution of infectious diseases.

Running Projects

Physiology of bat hibernation with respect to multistressor impacts (2017-2019)

Finished Projects

An investigation and comparison of fluorescent activity among three classes of bast: naive, presumed survivors, and European (2012-2013)

Bat adaptations to the fungal disease geomycosis (2012-2015)

Marie Curie intra-European fellowship PHYLOMICROTUS (2006-2008)

Phylogeography and evolutionary history of a semi-fossorial rodent Microtus subterraneus (2006-2008)


  • 1994-1999: undergraduate study - Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty of Science, specialization – Zoology.(MSc.=Mgr.)
  • 1999-2004: Ph.D. study - Charles University Prague, Faculty of Science, specialization Zoology.(Ph.D.)


  • 2001-present: Department of Population Biology, Institute of Vertebrate Biology AS CR, v.v.i., Studenec - research scientist,
  • 2009–present: Masaryk Univeristy Brmo - Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses - teacher,
  • reviewer for Acta Theriologica, Biologia (Bratislava), Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Belgian Journal of Zoology, Conservation Genetics, Ecography, Folia Zoologica, Heredity, Journal on Natural History, Journal of Zoology, Molecular Ecology,
  • supervising of MSc. and Ph.D. students.

International experience

  • 2000: Department of Cell and Organism Biology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden - research stay.
  • 2000: Forsuchungsinstitut für Wildtierkunde und Ökologie, Vienna, Austria - research stay.
  • 2004: Department of Cell and Organism Biology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden - research stay.
  • 2005: Department of Biology, University of York, York, UK - NERC Postdoctoral Fellow.
  • 2007: CMPG, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland - research stay.
  • 2006-2008: Department of Biology, University of York, York, UK - Marie-Currie Postdoctoral Fellow.

Current students

  • Tereza Dráčková: Color change in sand lizard during reproductive season (consultant R. Smolinský). 
  • Renata Zajíčková: Prediction of bat survival under different WNS risk  (supervisor J. Zukal).
  • Martina Ježková: Potential impact of white-nose syndrome to naive bat species.

Former students

  • Viktória Seňová: Spatial distribution of longevity and factors influencing its interspecific variability in North American birds.
  • Jana Maternová: Coevolution of Filoviridae viruses with their hosts.
  • Markéta Mádrová: Ebolavirus host prediction.
  • Lucie Jakešová: Behavioural complexity of animals in wild and kept in captivity (consultant J.Zukal).
  • Ivana Králová: Spatially explicit phylogeography of the European pine vole.
  • Kamil Jaroň: Simulating admixture of genomes using Fisher's junction model(consultant, supervisor S.E.J.Baird), Genomic islands in a fungus genome (Bc.thesis).
  • Markéta Nováková: Consequences of an infectious disease on genetic information in DNA sequences in bats.
  • Kristína Vozáriková: Signal for selection in coding DNA sequence (Bc.thesis).
  • Jan Závala: Pruning inconsistent fossil dates from dating divergence events in voles (Bc. thesis).
  • Zuzana Kozáková: Environmental characteristics of bat hibernacula with increased prevalence of geomycosis (Bc.thesis).
  • Jiří Moravec: Phylogeography of viruses causing rabies (Mgr.thesis).
  • Patrícia Pečnerová: Molecular and morphological signal of speciation explosion in tree squirrels (Mgr.thesis).
  • Zuzana Szolgayová: Phylogeny of selected water metabolism proteins in bats (Bc.thesis).
  • Matej Dolinay: Phylogenetic representation of white-nose syndrome in bats (Bc.thesis).
  • Michaela Bayerlová: Evolution of protein structure in calcium channels (Mgr.thesis), Co-evolution of arenaviruses and their hosts (Bc.thesis).
  • Petr Tříska: Assessing human history by investigating phylogeographies of associated animals (Mgr.thesis), Mammalian glacial refugia in Europe (Bc.thesis).
  • Miroslava Rudá: Population structure, spacial activity and population genetics of the Tatra vole (Microtus tatricus), (Mgr.thesis).
  • Peter Vallo: Molecular genetic studies in African leaf-nosed bats (Hipposideridae), (Ph.D.thesis).



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