Evolutionary Genetics of Mammals Group


The main research focus of the Evolutionary Genetics of Mammals Group is the study of evolutionary processes that influence the origin and extinction of mammalian diversity. Our current main model groups are small mammals in sub-Saharan Africa, the study of which enables us to understand the mechanisms behind the origin of biological diversity, to describe biogeographical patterns in its distribution at the continental level and to contribute toward the protection of sites where evolutionary diversity is high or unique (endemic). We are interested in speciation processes, the evolutionary history of biota from the Miocene to the present, the evolution of adaptations and the impact of environmental changes on species distribution. To achieve these goals, we combine molecular-genomic, morphological, ecophysiological and other approaches in the study of both material and data gathered on field research trips to Africa and valuable material obtained from museum collections. The results of our research not only have taxonomic implications but can also serve as a basis for the protection of species and entire ecosystems.

group leader

+420 560590601,, molecular ecology

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+420 560590612,, phylogeny and morphology of rodents

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PhD student, ecology and evolution of African small mammals
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+420 775250836,, biogeography, phylogenetics

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