Viromics of the European house mouse hybrid zone: a model to understand how viruses cross host species barriers (2022–2024)

Číslo projektu 22-32394S
I. číslo G345
Období 1. 1. 2022 — 31. 12. 2024

Many emerging diseases are caused by viruses crossing species barriers from their host of origin and high throughput sequencing (HTS) has led to unprecedented discoveries of virus diversity, even in well-studied models such as the house mouse. We aim to use the wellunderstood species barrier of the European house mouse hybrid zone (HMHZ) as an optimal context to investigate the factors involved in viral emergence with particular focus on recombination and reassortment. Using probe enrichment and HTS technology we will carry out an extensive screening of viruses across one ‘old contact’ and one ‘recent contact’ transect of the HMHZ. We will then summarize ecological and host factors associated with the geographic distribution of the viral community across the HMHZ, identify recombination/reassortment events, and contrast pattern and process for different viral genome architectures and transmission pathways through the rodent community.