Mgr. Veronika Bartáková

Position: PhD student
Research topics: molecular ecology
Department: Research facility Brno
Phone: +420 543 422 557

Master thesis

Genetic structure of annual Nothobranchius fishes from southern Mozambique, (supervisor J.Bryja and M.Reichard).



Bartáková V., Bryja J., Reichard M.: Fine-scale genetic structure of the European bitterling at the intersection of three major European watersheds, BMC Evolutionary Biology 18 (2018) .

Konečný A., Popa O., Bartáková V., Douda K., Bryja J., Smith C., Popa L. O., Reichard M.: Modelling the invasion history of Sinanodonta woodianain Europe: tracking the routes of a sedentary aquatic invader with mobile parasitic larvae, Evolutionary Applications (2018) .


Bartáková V., Reichard M.: No effect of recent sympatry with invasive zebra mussel on the oviposition decisions and reproductive success of the bitterling fish, a brood parasite of unionid mussels, Hydrobiologia 794 (2017) 153-166.


Bartáková V., Reichard M., Blažek R., Polačik M., Bryja J.: Terrestrial fishes: rivers are barriers to gene flow in annual fishes from the African savanna, Journal of Biogeography 42 (2015) 1832-1844.

Popa O. P., Bartáková V., Bryja J., Reichard M., Popa L. O.: Characterization of nine microsatellite markers and development of multiplex PCRs for the Chinese huge musel Anodonta (Sinanodonta) woodiana Lea, 1834 (Mollusca, Bivalvia), Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 60 (2015) 234-237.


Bartáková V., Reichard M., Janko K., Polačik M., Blažek R., Reichwald K., Cellerino A., Bryja J.: Strong population genetic structuring in an annual fish, Nothobranchius furzeri, suggests multiple savannah refugia in southern Mozambique, BMC Evolutionary Biology 13 (2013) 196.