Mgr. Ondřej Mikula, Ph.D.

Position: post-doc
Research topics: phylogeny and morphology of rodents
Department: External research facility Studenec
Phone: +420 532 290 156
Mobile: +420 777 184 259

Research interests

  • geometric morphometrics and species delimitation,
  • evolution and taxonomy of small mammals,
  • hybridization and speciation in house mice.


  • 1999–2004: undergraduate study - Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Science, Systematic Zoology a Ecology. Diploma thesis: Morphometric analysis of the hybrid zone between Mus musculus and Mus domesticus in the western Bohemia.
  • 2004–2009: Ph.D. study - Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Science, Zoology. Ph.D. thesis: Changes of developmental stability in house mice as a consequence of hybridization.


  • 2009-present: Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Laboratory of Mammalian Evolutionary Genetics - postdoctoral fellow,
  • 2010-present: Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Department of Population Biology Studenec - postdoctoral fellow.

International experience

  • 2005, 2006: Muzeum i Instytut Zoologii, Warsawa - short stay within the programme EU Synthesys,
  • 2012: Museum national d'historie naturelle, Paris - short stay within the programme EU Synthesys,
  • Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale, Tervuren Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, Paris Natural History Museum, London American Museum of Natural History, New York - short visits at Natural History Museums.




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