Comparative phylogeography of Zambezian region in Southeastern Africa using small mammals as a model (2010–2014)

Číslo projektu P506/10/0983
I. číslo G382
Období 1. 1. 2010 — 31. 12. 2014

Analysis of genetic variation of some groups of organisms in geographical context can reveal the importance of

historical factors on the evolution of biota of analysed areas (i.e. phylogeography). Such analyses brought many new information for example in western Palaearctic region, however, very fragmentary information is

still available in other areas, e.g. in Africa. In particular, southeastern Africa have been neglected in this point of view even in so important groups like some mammals. The aim of the proposed project is to complete the sampling of rodents in zoogeographically most important region of southeastern Africa (i.e. Zambezian region) and by using the comparative phylogeographical approach to identify the historical factors that have

determined the current variation of biota in this part of Africa. Simultaneously, a detailed genetic and

morphological analysis of complete available material of selected taxa will be done with prospective

taxonomical implications.