Mgr. Milan Vrtílek Ph.D.

Zaměření behavioural ecology and genetics

+420 543 422 557

Research interests

  • behavioural genetics – the study of genetic and environmental contribution to individual variation in behaviour; molecular and genetic analyses of behaviouralphenotypes (mate choice and male aggressiveness) in model organism – the house mouse; molecular and behavioural methods in ecological studies.
  • hybrid zones and speciation – the role of behavioural phenotypes in speciation (house mouse, bats), behavioural and genetic study of the prezygotic isolation barriers in the house mouse hybrid zone.


  • 1992-1997: Grammar school Praha.
  • 1997-1999: undergraduate study – Charles University Prague, Faculty of Science, Biology. Thesis: Aggressive behaviour in the house mouse Mus m. domesticus and Mus m. musculus.
  • 1999-2002: undergraduate study – Charles University Prague, Faculty of Science, Ethology and Ecology. Mgr.thesis: The role of salivary proteins on reproductive isolation between house mice, Mus domesticus and Mus musculus.
  • 2005: RNDr.
  • 2002-2008: Ph.D. study – Charles University Prague, Faculty of Science, Zoology. Ph.D.thesis: Behavioural and genetic study of fitness compounds in mammalian hybrid zone.


  • 2002-2005: Charles University Prague, Biodiversity research group – assistant,
  • 2005-2006: Masaryk University Brno, Department of zoology and ecology – scientific assistant,
  • 2009-present: Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics AS CR, v.v.i. – assistant,
  • 2010-present: Institute of Vertebrate Biology, External Research Facility Studenec – scientific assistant.

Actual studenst

Former students

  • Nikola Rusová: The Ontogeny ofaggressive behaviour and dispersal in two house mouse subspecies, (supervisor, konzultant Z.Hiadlovská).


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