Mgr. Ondřej Kauzál

Position: PhD student
Research topics: ecological and evolutionary endocrinology
Department: External research facility Studenec
Phone: +420 560 590 607

Personal webpage

Research topic:

  • effect of avian life-histories on steroid hormones concentrations,
  • to help get rid off the “temperate zone bias” in avian ecology.


Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science (Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Bachelor in Ecological and Evolutionary Biology (2012 – 2015), thesis topic: Female choice based on coloration and song performance in passerines with sexual dichromatism.
  • Master’s in Ecology (Terrestrial Ecology; 2015 – 2017), thesis topic: Signaling function of plumage coloration in Yellowhammer males.
  • Ph.D. in Ecology (since 2017), thesis topic: Steroid hormone concentrations, feather growth and life history strategies of passerine birds.



Pyšek, P., Skálová, H., Čuda, J., Guo, W., Suda, J., Doležal, J., Kauzál, O., Lambertini, C., Lučanová, M., Mandáková, T., Moravcová, L., Pyšková, K., Brix, H. & Meyerson, L. A. (2018). Small genome separates native and invasive populations in an ecologically important cosmopolitan grass. Ecology, 99(1): 79–90. doi: 10.1002/ecy.2068


Pyšková, K., Storch D., Horáček I., Kauzál O. & Pyšek P. (2016). Golden jackal (Canis aureus) in the Czech Republic: the first record of a live animal and its long-term persistence in the colonized habitat. ZooKeys, 641:151–163. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.641.10946