Mgr. Marie Kaštánková

Position post-doc
Direction molecular genetics, cytogenetics

+420 776 095 267

Research interests

  • molecular genetics, cytogenetics and population ecology of model organism Palearctic water frog complex of the genus Pelophylax,
  • origin and evolution of a polyploid lineage of asian fish of the genus Botidae,
  • molecular cytogenetics of sex chromosomes in selected groups of spiders and arachnids,
  • molecular genetics and population ecology of slow-worms of the genus Anguis.


  • 2005-2010: University of Ostrava (section: Systematic biology and ecology).
  • 2010-2016 Charles University in Praque (MSc in Zoology).


  • 2016-2017: Charles University in Prague, Department of Genetics and Microbiology –  scientific employee
  • 2016-now: Institute of Animal physiology and genetics CAS in Liběchov, Laboratory of fish genetics – postdoc,
  • 2018-now: Institute of Vertebrate Biology CAS, External research facility Studenec – scientific employee.