Mgr. Tatiana Aghová

Position: PhD student
Research topics: phylogeography of African rodents
Department: External research facility Studenec
Phone: +420 560 590 607
Mobile: +420 722 671 936

Research interests

  • phylogeography of African rodents.


  • 2007-2012: undergraduate study - Constantine the Philosopher University Nitra, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Mgr. thesis:
  • 2010-2011: The University of Innsbruck - study stay.
  • 2012-present: Ph.D. study - Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Botany and Zoology. Ph.D. thesis: Comparative phylogeography of the Somali-Maasai region in eastern Africa using selected rodent species as a model, (supervisor J. Bryja).



Aghová T., Kimura Y., Bryja J., Dobigny G., Granjon L., Kergoat G. J.: Fossils know it best: Using a new set of fossil calibrations to improve the temporal phylogenetic framework of murid rodents (Rodentia: Muridae), Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 128 (2018) 98-111.

Petružela J., Šumbera R., Aghová T., Bryjová A., Katakweba A. S., Sabuni C. A., Chitaukali W. N., Bryja J.: Spiny mice of the Zambezian bioregion – phylogeny, biogeography and ecological differentiation within the Acomys spinosissimus complex, Mammalian Biology 91 (2018) 79-90.

Sabuni C., Aghová T., Bryjová A., Šumbera R., Bryja J.: Biogeographic implications of small mammals from Northern Highlands in Tanzania with first data from the volcanic Mount Kitumbeine, Mammalia 82 (2018) 360-372.


Aghová T., Šumbera R., Piálek L., Mikula O., McDonough M. M., Lavrenchenko L. A., Meheretu Y., Mbau J. S., Bryja J.: Multilocus phylogeny of East African gerbils (Rodentia, Gerbilliscus) illuminates the history of the Somali-Masai savanna, Journal of Biogeography 44 (2017) 2295-2307.

Bryja J., Šumbera R., Kerbis Peterhans J. C., Aghová T., Bryjová A., Mikula O., Nicolas V., Denys C., Verheyen E.: Evolutionary history of the thicket rats (genus Grammomys) mirrors the evolution of African forests since late Miocene, Journal of Biogeography 44 (2017) 182-194.


Mikula O., Šumbera R., Aghová T., Mbau J. S., Katakweba A. S., Sabuni C. A., Bryja J.: Evolutionary history and species diversity of African pouched mice (Rodentia: Nesomyidae: Saccostomus), Zoologica Scripta 45 (2016) 595-617.


Kaňuch P., Aghová T., Meheretu Y., Šumbera R., Bryja J.: New discoveries on the ecology and echolocation of the heart-nosed bat Cardioderma cor with a contribution to the phylogeny of Megadermatidae, African Zoology 50 (2015) 53-57.

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